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Media and Television production solutions

For business meeting and events

Share your business expertise on with  Network television style internet programs produced from the professional television studios of AGORATV, A Media and Television Production Solutions company.

You have a story to tell, expert information to share, enlightening ideas, product and services to sell. Many will benefit from your information being broadcast as a Internet television program. Your organization has the special information that allows you to be the host of your own TV program, to a NICHE audience that would be well served by the exposure to your expertise.

Fact:   The traditional Television program format is still recognized as the premier form of information and entertainment that people listen and respond to. This is what people are used to.

- The AGORATV business model believes that your business organization can benefit from communication with a niche group of people.

- Basically:  You supply the information and On-air talent (experts) as AGORATV supplies network level television facilities to reach your audience. AGORATV shys away from ineffective simple single camera television productions.

AGORATV will supply a professional TV studio set, perfectly lighted with sparkling clear audio, switched with  three cameras in full studio configuration. Envision a CNN or FOX style talk program from which your organization delivers information which you choose to share with your associates. These associates may be exclusive group of people in your organization, open to all interested people in your business or available to the entire internet connected world known as the World Wide Web.

AGORATV has developed unique price/performance packages by working the efficiencies of the latest technology combined with it’s long history of professional television production. This new business formula is designed to deliver the benefits that your associates can advantage.

As you respond to this correspondence we will talk of your specific requirements and how you can financially benefit from AGORATV’s  professional television studio and internet video streaming  services. Immediately after our initial dialog AGORATV will then respond with a custom bid for your communication needs of a weekly, daily, or monthly program on your own web site, your own new internet television station developed by AGORATV, on  free internet hosting sites or on  the AGORATV internet television station site.

Your internet TV program – actually your internet TV station, can be produced at the AGORATV studio sets or On-Location at a facility of your choose.  Example: your offices or location of a one-time special event. The AGORATV television set can be customized with your logos presence both physically and with special electronic  effects. Just like the television networks do it.

Consider the potential for your professional Internet TV station producing weekly informational programs about your specific expertise or information of special interest to an audience of your choosing.

Your organization will benefit from the power of recognition, familiarity, and regularity that traditional television programs experience presently, with the positive exception that your program is on today’s internet,  24/7/365. All at rates previously not available.

Fact: Microsoft, Sony  and other manufactures are unveiling new LCD/LED TV units specifically designed  to benefit from Internet television. Now is the time to take advantage of the final merger of traditional television and internet video streaming technology.

With the AGORATV proposal you are in control by supplying the subject matter, the expertise, the On-Air  Host and guests.   AGORATV simply supplies all the Network level technical facilities.   What a Team!

Cameras – action! –  Stream!

Note: The AGORATV technical expertise and facilities may be commissioned for one time live events or for regularly schedules programs.

Allow AGORATV to suggest how to make your internet television station programming revenue neutral or even a new positive revenue generator.

AGORATV can begin production of your program next week or next year. Now is the time to begin a dialog on the potential for your new internet TV program possibilities.

Respectfully awaiting your initial response to begin the process of information exchange that will produce your Network  television style internet programming.

Joe Gora      678  581 3750

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