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HiDef in action at Atlanta's Alliance Theater


          AGORATV  high definition cameras in action at the Atlanta Alliance theater for
                             Frank Sinatra Musical        COME FLY WITH ME                        9/20/09
 AGORATV used it’s four JVC GY HM 700 High definition  cameras in full studio configuration in a combination of High definition  recording to SDHC cards in the cameras and SD record to Beta SP VTRs , all isolated recorded for later posting of the now running Frank Sinatra “ Come Fly With Me” musical at the Alliance theater in Atlanta. The Panasonic AV 400AN high def switcher produced the Multi View display for the Director to “Call the Show” while joe engineered and shaded the cameras with the Hi def 700 camera control units. The next day the High Def SDHC cards where transferred to a Hard Drive for shipping to the Out of Town client for editing. The client was most pleased and would have done  Cart Wheels except for the cart wheel  would have been unimpressive to the professional dancers on stage.
   The JVC High definition cameras and system proved ideal for this production as the budget did not allow for a true High def truck to be brought in. Shooting both on High Definition AND standard def satisfied multiple needs for current requirements and archiving on the High definition format.
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