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Ageless Wisdom... Two are much better than One


         AGORATV INC   Media and Television Production Solutions
                      Ageless Wisdom…..Two are much better than One
AGORATV has a NEW solution for cost effective, upgrading of the production value for documenting of events with a simple single camera.
 The new solution is centered around, two standard definition *JVC 550 full size cameras in Full studio Configuration - a cuts only switcher- 3 hour DV videotape recorder – Audio package including wireless microphone and audio mixing board -  Electronic Field Production light kit – including an experienced camera operating engineer that will deliver, set up and operate complete system for $694.00
This system is ideal for upgrading video production that takes a common single camera video documentation up to an interesting multi focal length switched video production.
 From your viewer’s perspective, the way we are accustomed to watching television.
   *Full sized cameras in full studio configuration allow for greater control of camera On-Air moves, resulting in a higher production value look to the videotaping. Also the professional image of studio cameras will positively impress your clients and the present audience.
 Make special note : AGORATV SD cameras can operate with Jam Sync’d time Code delivering more efficient post production. This efficiency manifests itself in reduced time and costs in the editing process as both the switched cameras on board ISOLATED RECORDINGS and the master switched record PROGRAM all have exactly identical time code.
 Options; Customize your needs with a 3rd camera, special Wide and Long lens adaptors, upgraded audio, lighting, additional operating personal, headset communications system and any format record VTRs/medium.
AGORATV systems allow for the incremental increases in technical production starting with a $49.00 five station headset communications system which allows for the program being directed from the record station. A third camera and the headset communications system still goes for less than $1000.00
        AGORATV is about            CONTROL – COMMUNICATION - COSTS
 Flirt with me: Inquire for a bid on a project you already completed; No better way to compare.
 Also see  about the Directors Dream Console, a portable in field video and audio monitoring station, for even greater control of On location television production.
AGORATV television production offerings aimed at greater production values are available starting with the Standard Definition two cameras cuts only package for $694.00 and rise  in about 20 incremental steps up to the Flagship Fly package of four and more High Definition cameras in full studio configuration, controlled by full function camera control units, switched live to our KI Pro hard drive SDI recorder with cameras optionally hand held, steady cam or on 40 foot jib arms, completely or partially crewed by AGORATV INC.
Large Screen/Image Magnification...Streaming to the internet... Recording to any format/medium
      All systems available in High definition as well as                        
          Well as Standard Definition quoted prices
Timeless truism, Two (camera) heads are better than one
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                Media and Television Production Solutions 
                     A good company to Know in Atlanta
                                 Do Not Take A Chance 
AGORATV is a fully insured with $2M liability, general aggregate, work mans compensation and equipment cross rental insurance coverage.  
 All prices are C.O.D -   subject to change  - and plus expenses     
 Inquiries about Fly packages details and specific projects are welcome at or        678 581 3750 Office       404 226 4503  mobile             
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